Bartender tells customers to leave if they haven't tipped 40%

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A bartender has divided opinions after being filmed telling customers to ‘get the f*** out’ of a bar if they haven’t tipped 4 where a bottle girl split opinions online after revealing a. Kat Busch, who has been a bottle girl for four years, took to her TikTok to reveal the trick she uses to ensure a cash-injection from visiting customers.While in the UK many view service charge as an optional add-on to their bill, US diners are expected to fork out an average 15 to 20 percent per meal, and more than 20 per cent for exceptional service.The video divided opinions, with many service staff taking to the comments to defend the woman, while others warned to follow her advice at their own risk. Kat who has been a bottle girl for four years, took to her TikTok to announce the drastic measure she takes to ensure a cash-injection from visiting customersKat said: ‘Zero Dollar tip — no problem. Let me tell you how to resolve that. My name’s Kat I’ve been in the service industry for four years and سرورمجازی ایران I’ve only had this happen to me a handful of times.’‘If they haven’t left yet, walk up to whoever paid in front of everyone and say, «Hey sir or ma’am, I see you didn’t leave a tip, is there anything I can improve on the service that you feel like you could share with me?».‘Nine times out of 10 they’re going to make some excuse like, «Oh, it was a mistake, oh I didn’t see the receipt,» and they’re going to give you some kind of tip, a couple of bucks here and there.’And for the worst case scenario — the woman shared how both parties could go home with new lessons learned.She said that even if they don’t leave cash, you might get ‘a tip to improve your service so you can make more money in the long run.’Another trick for waiting staff is to ask a manager if they can take inexpensive items such as sodas off a high bill, so that the money goes to the server.‘If the tab was really high I would explain to your manager the situation to see if maybe they could comp off like a soda or something so at least you made a couple dollars off of it and you don’t have to tip out in the negative,’ she explained.‘Short story is just confront them. This is for like a sit down restaurant or like bottle service, this is not really for bartenders. If you’re a bartender and someone zero-dollar tips you, I would just take forever to serve them again.’Not all servers agreed, with many fearing the consequences of confronting a customer at their workplace.