Deaths In December 2023

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If you want a drink of water, you will need to draw it from the properly. Vance Colvig, 72, American actor and voice actor (The Yogi Bear Show, UHF, The Quick Draw McGraw Show), cancer. Susumu Fujita, 79, Japanese actor (The Hidden Fortress, The Human Condition, Mothra vs. Emory Ellis, 96, American biochemist. Robin Hill, 91, British biochemist. Heinz-Günter Wittmann, 63, German biochemist. Falk Harnack, 78, German film director. Giorgos Joannides, 67, Greek-born American intelligence officer. Wolfgang Müller-Wiener, 67, German structure historian, archaeologist and Byzantinist. Ken Noritake, 71, Japanese football participant. Fumio Ito, 51, Japanese racing motorcyclist. Ralph Bates, 51, English actor, pancreatic cancer. Richard Hawkey, 67, English cricket participant. Jack Meyer, 85, English cricket participant and educator. David Evans, 56, English cricket player. Len Astill, 73, English footballer. Armonía Somers, 79, Uruguayan feminist, pedagogue, and novelist. John Harris, 74, British novelist. Urbain Caffi, 74, Italian-French racing cyclist. August de Schryver, 92, Belgian politician. Shuddhananda Bharati, 92, Indian religious philosopher. Donald M. MacKinnon, 80, Scottish philosopher and theologian. Justus Buchler, 76, American philosopher. Loleta Fyan, 95, American librarian. Neta Snook Southern, 95, American aviation pioneer. Fausta Cialente, 95, Italian novelist, journalist and political activist. William Steig, 95, American cartoonist and children’s author; creator of Shrek. William Appleman Williams, 68, American historian. William Heinesen, 91, Faroese writer. Marie-Joseph Lemieux, 91, Canadian Catholic archbishop and Holy See diplomat. Joe Sewell, 91, American baseball participant. Joe Tipton, 72, American baseball player. Elbie Fletcher, 77, American baseball player. Raymond Fletcher, 69, British politician and alleged spy. Lyall Wilkes, 76, English politician. Giuseppe La Loggia, 82, Italian politician, https://Www.Vaporlisting.Com/Menthol-No.-1-Twist-Salt-E-Liquids lawyer and instructor. Dan Archibong, 46, Nigerian soldier and politician, visitors collision. Mane Bajić, 52, Serbian midfielder, site visitors collision. Ezra Stone, 76, American actor and director, visitors collision. Fortunato Enviornment, 71, Italian stuntman and actor. Lawrence E. Spivak, 93, American writer and journalist. Leo Fender, 81, American musician and businessman (Fender), Parkinson’s disease. Edwin H. Land, 81, American inventor and businessman (Polaroid Corporation). Sid Schacht, 73, American baseball participant. Reg Wright, 84, Australian politician. Peter Flint (28 March 1991). «Aldo Ray, Actor, Is Dead at 64; Portrayed Lovable Tough Guys». Four March 1991. p. March 15, 1990. p. Wolfgang Saxon (25 March 1991). «Paul Engle, 82, Poet and Founder of Writing Program at U. of Iowa». Wolfgang Saxon (March 31, 1990). «Harry Bridges, Docks Leader, Dies at 88». The brand new York Times. Joan Cook (March 31, 1990). «Barbara Baer Capitman, 69, Dies; Created Miami Art Deco District».