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Sergio Tidwell спросил 3 месяца назад

But whether you attended SMX Advanced or not, it is time to ask yourself a different question: «Do your SEO and PPC teams need upskilling or reskilling?» Upskilling and reskilling, defined According to LinkedIn Learning: «When an employee undertakes learning to expand their existing skill set, that learning is known as upskilling. These additional skills enhance the worker’s performance in their current role, potentially advancing them along their career path.» «Employee reskilling involves learning new skills outside of the worker’s existing skillset. These skills are often closely adjacent to their current function, but may sometimes be geared toward a different path entirely.» Why do 80% of PPC specialists need upskilling? Based on my experience, investment about 80% of the PPC specialists at brands or agencies will probably need upskilling this summer and around 20% will need reskilling.