God Doesn't Create Stupid People Our Educational System Does

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Lien Fabela спросил 3 месяца назад

God Doesn’t Create Stupid People Our Educational System Does I was in fourth grade when I first realized how painful school could be. I had already discovered how boring and slow paced it was, but I hadn’t quite comprehended the depth of its insensitivity. As I watched the teacher post math grades on the chalkboard I could feel butterflies in my stomach. When I saw that I wasn’t one of the «victims» whose name would appear there in the column of failures, I sighed in relief. Once again, I felt I had «beat the system.» I had passed without studying. When I looked around the room I could see that some of my friends hadn’t fared as well as I. One girl, Nicole, tried to hide her paper so that no one could see her score. But it didn’t help. Starting with the best scores at the top and ending with the worst at the bottom, our teacher had just finished what she called «stack ranking» our class. Poor Nicole was at the bottom – again. A shy, sweet girl, Nicole was gifted at music and she loved animals. In the event you beloved this post and also you want to be given more information about magazynier szwajcaria generously go to our website. But she was lost when it came to math. I leaned over to say something to cheer her up, but the teacher yelled at me. «I’ll make you stay after school if I catch you talking again!» Nicole began to cry. I didn’t know what to do. When class let out, some of the kids walked by Nicole, oferty pracy olx giżycko pointing, giggling and whispering «stupid» and «dummy.» Judging from the expression on jy friend’s face, Nicole died a little that day. It was a look I’ll never forget. I don’t know whatever became of Nicole. I do know she didn’t graduate with the rest of us in 1985. Rumor had it that she quit school. If that was true, it was a great loss to all of us because in her own areas of interest she was truly gifted. Is this example an extreme? Most people reading this book will know it is not. On the contrary, in many schools throughout the country it is much more the rule than the exception. Every day in our schools children are humiliated in front of their classmates. Every day sensitive children like Nicole die a little. Schools have carelessly adopted programs which stigmatize our kids according to their level of learning, causing «slower» children to be cruelly teased by classmates who have learned, from this same system, that being the best and the brightest is more important than friendship. Who knows how many Nicole’s there are in the world that have fallen victim to this inhumane treatment. Even one is one too many. Whether this kind of labeling occurs by «stack ranking» or «grouping,» children believe these labels, causing emotional trauma which can lead to long-term scarring. Ultimately, it prevents children from reaching their full potential. I seriously doubt that labeling children has any value, except perhaps to make life easier on teachers and provide a way of eliminating «slow» students who don’t automatically confirm to teaching methods that have been «standardized» by the educational system. To continue the practice of labeling in any form, knowing it is capable of damaging the self-esteem of innocent children, is unforgivable.