Homeworld: Cataclysm Story

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It was released in September 2000 and was developed by Barking Dog Studios, with some assistance from Relic Entertainment. The war for Hiigara has left the Galaxy in turmoil. The past fifteen years have seen the birth of new possibilities … The once dominant Taiidan Empire has fractured under the strain of civil war. The new Taiidani Republic tries to hold old territories together, while forces loyal to the old Emperor lurk in the new bandit kingdoms, waiting for their chance to strike back.While the Taiidani struggle between past and future, the Kushan people have established themselves on Hiigara. Building new cities. Repairing the damage done by the final battle for their homeworld.Even a fragile peace has its politics. The Kiith council has been reestablished, and the future of Hiigara is now debated amongst the gathered Kiith-Sa. Even amongst equals, there are power struggles.The Mothership still orbits high above Hiigara. Pressed into the role of shipyard, she now builds new carriers to the specifications of each individual Kiith.  This h​as been gener​ated by GSA Con te nt G enerat​or Demov᠎ersion. The need for new ships and the crews to man them is a desperate one. Military and economic pressure on the new Hiigarans is intense.Resources and technology are at the command of the council. Kiith with little or no political power have been forced to purchase technology from the Bentusi and other races. Hiigaran ships of exotic design now seek their future amongst the stars.The war for Homeworld is over now. But the galaxy remains a dangerous place… The Kuun-Lan, a large Deep Space-based mothership vessel in the employ of Kiith Somtaaw, is mining asteroids near the Angel Moon when it receives a distress call from the Veer-Rak, a Carrier under the control of Kiith Nabaal, warning of an attack by the Taiidan Imperialists.Hearing the radio call, the Kuun-Lan returns to Hiigara to assist in the defence of their homeworld. It helps the Nabaal by destroying some enemy fighters attacking the friendly Ion Cannon Frigates, before dealing with enemy Resource Collectors.After destroying the resourcing operation, the Proximity Sensor grid comes under attack from some Interceptors and Multi-Gun Corvettes. C​ontent was created by GS A  Co nten​t Genera tor ​DEMO . These are dispatched quickly by the Kuun-Lan’s own Acolytes and ACVs, before the tide of battle is turned in favour of the Hiigarans. Sensing this, the enemy Heavy Cruiser flees, but is dispatched by the Kuun-Lan’s defensive fleet.Instead of any thanks from Kiithid, the Somtaaw receive orders to return to the job of helping retrieve wrecks and collect the dead from the battlefield. The task leads the Kuun-Lan to its next assignment at the edges of Hiigaran space to rescue the stranded Bushan-Re, a Destroyer in the service of Kiith Manaan and whose hyperdrive is off-line.The Kuun-Lan comes to the destroyer’s aid, only to discover the presence in the region of Turanic Raiders, intent on destroying the Bushan-Re, who now requires an escort as well as a repair crew. Even after the Turanic Raiders are initially defeated, they reveal a new and rumored «mimicking» technology, which is shortly thereafter copied by the Somtaaw. The Kuun-Lan bravely continues to defend the Bushan-Re and finally finish the repairs to the hyperdrive. Continuing to defend against the attacking forces, the Kuun-Lan prepares to leave when Fleet Intelligence detects a strange artifact emitting a weak beacon. Fleet Intelligence orders the recovery of the artifact before the Turanic Raiders find it. The Somtaaw send a single escorted worker to recover the derelict while fending off Turanic Raider attempt to do the same. The derelict is retrieved and brought back to the Kuun-Lan, which then makes the jump to hyperspace.The Kuun-Lan’s science team finds that it is unable to examine the derelict properly and Fleet Command requests of the Somtaaw Kiith-sa that he allow them to seek out assistance. Somtaaw-sa forbids this and demands that the Kuun-Lan’s discovery remain completely secret. Instead they recommend the Somtaaw to seek out the Clee-San, the Somtaaw’s lone science vessel.The Kuun-Lan arrive at a designated rendezvous point to meet with the Clee-San but discover that it has been captured by Turanic Raiders who are intent on stealing valuable Somtaaw technology such as the Acolyte Drive. Using the captured mimicking technology, the Kuun Lan is able to make it past a large field of mines surrounding the Clee-San and communicate with it. They discover that a Turanic carrier fleet will be arriving soon to take possession the science vessel and its technology. They barely escape in time to avoid a heavily armed Turanic carrier fleet. Jumping out of range of the Turanic fleet the Somtaaw begin to examine the mysterious derelict in earnest which they discover to be encoded in some strange, alien language and that it is covered in some sort of organic matter. The Kuun-Lan is forced to perform an emergency exit of hyperspace. The hanger and science modules are quickly succumbing to some kind of disease and the scientists struggle to keep it under control. When they are unable to do so any longer they sacrifice themselves by demanding Fleet Command to cut them from the main hull.