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Science and Information Technology (IT) have been evolving with each passing of the day. The developments are seen in many ways-and most importantly, the innovative approaches that bring Science into everyday life are worth knowing in the current context. Here we bring before you some significant Scientific developments as latest Tech News that you must know to remain well informed: 1. The photos and meu videos of Amazon's new home robot emerge: Amazon's new home robot that goes by Astro is seen for the first time in the real world. The robot is in its early stages of development, and it is being given only on an invite basis. The gadget was sent last November, and about a couple of images and videos have been shared just recently. Those who have received the smart home gadget have begun posting images and videos of the robot fulfilling the commands given to it by the owners. One such owner is Bob Rekieta, whose video of the robot can be seen fetching a can of beer for him. Someone would have kept the beer in Astro's onboard cargo holder as it doesn't have advanced physical or technological abilities to do such a thing just yet. In another video by Matthew Nereim, Astro is seen following Nereim around, who has said that he likes that the robot can be controlled from his phone. There are quite a few features that make the robot a delightful addition to any house. It can be used for home security apart from making video calls, playing music, answering questions, and showing the weather. Amazon has said that it is ideal for taking care of ageing people. Astro is currently priced at $1499. This latest Technology News is indeed worth knowing. 2. Apple introduces anti-stalking measured for its new AirTags: Apple launched the updates to iOS 15.4 that aimed to prevent the misuse of AirTags as stalking devices and a warning that the AirTags are linked to Apple IDs. Earlier, news reports informed how individuals were tracked without their consent using the AirTags. The new safety features were added soon after. The new features include an alerting system that would inform a user of an unknown AirTag in its vicinity. Earlier, this same system was confusing, and the ability to preemptively disable safety alerts has also been removed. The airbag will also be able to make an alert noise to be brought to attention. Another feature added to the iOS 15.4 is that it has an American Siri voice so that is more gender ambiguous. There is also the feature of using Face ID while wearing a mask and the new Universal Control feature. The new iOS 15.4 will be released sometime next month. 3. Frontier has added 2-gig speeds to its fibre network: The fibre-optic network of Fiber Communications will see an addition of 2 — gig speeds in the six states of its operation-California, West Virginia, Indiana, Connecticut, Texas, and Florida. The new plan is priced at $149.99 per month and will include a free installation of a Wi-Fi router and its extender. Frontier has made its new plan even more lucrative by offering the first 1000 customers a free 43 — inch Amazon Fire TV and a Logitech Webcam. 4. The Google Chat will replace the classic Hangouts for Workspace fully The Hangouts messaging service will undergo a complete transition to Google Chat in the next month, in March. Google Chat will become the default chat application, and those who visit Hangouts will be redirected to Google Chat. Google has constantly engaged in rebranding its messaging applications, even though it often gets confusing to keep up with the changes. For instance, Hangouts had initially replaced GChat or Google Talk, which was first integrated into Gmail, and now Google Hangouts is being replaced by Google Chat. The transition of Google Hangouts to Google Chat is not without its problems. In a statement, Google has informed that the histories of the conversations will not be maintained in a few cases. Google was not clear what is meant by «few cases.» Google has also made clear that no user will opt out of the transition. For now, the growth will only happen for the Workspace users, G Suite Basic and Business customers. Therefore, the change will affect initially those who pay for the services of Google. It has not spoken about the transition for the free users clearly but has indicated earlier that it would be across all Google services. Professional Science and Technology blogs offer good knowledge to all persan who is interested in technology information. Mysterious of Science is one of the most popular news website which provides and updates like health, medical science, environment, covid-19 etc.